Offline mode or a mobile app

Are their any plans to make a mobile version for those of us who arent able to use a computer? I can but for very limited amounts of time and trying on my phone has been futile for the most part. I know some of you aren’t having any issues and that’s great but their are more than a few people who are.

For me this website has helped more than some of the competitive sites/apps and would love to be able to use this sites curriculum without restrictions but mostly being stuck to the phone makes it far more difficult than it should.

If I was better at coding I would contribute but alas I’m here because im not good enough and all I can give you is my opinion and ideas. If anything can you make the curriculum available to download so we can work on it in offline mode. That could be a temporary fix why we wait for an app.

The next version of freeCodeCamp (version 7) is currently in development. I am hopeful that the new version will be more mobile friendly. This is somewhat limited by the resources available. For example, the code editor used by freeCodeCamp is the monaco editor This is is probably the best online editor available, but it does not do well with some virtual keyboards.

You can use the freeCodeCamp curriculum offline by cloning the GitHub repository and running your own version locally. Obviously, completing challenges on a local instance will not update your online account.