App/web suggestion to learn/refresh on the go?

Hi guys, so I have a lot of dead times during the day (10-15 minutes) plus my commute (45 min), and have only acces to my phone. So I’m looking for some mobile friendly platform (web or app) to keep learning/refreshing on any web development topic (those related to the curriculum of fcc). So, the conditions are:

  1. Small lesson chunks,
  2. Mobile friendly (meaning readability en mobile)

Maybe even something more like tips would be really nice. Most of the apps I’ve seen really suck. Thank you!!

i’ve been using codecademy to help me learn to code, and apparently they have a mobile app called “Codecademy Go” available on IOS and android, so maybe that would help you out. the codecademy lessons include topics that are broken down into sections (for example, they have a loops lesson that’s broken down into for loops, while loops, etc.) so it might be a good way to quickly refresh on specific topics. i hope this helps : )

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Thanks for your suggestion @ecouch23 , I’ll be trying it out today!

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I’d checkout, which is actually operated by freeCodeCamp.

Its a web-app that combines multiple api documentations for multiple technologies in a quick and easy to use client-side app. So you could use it for an offline reference during your commute for any number of things :slight_smile:

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Hi @MarianoFarace , maybe you can try “spaced repetition”:

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Wow sounds promissing! I always forget stuff, I’ll give it a try, thanks @Diego_Perez !!

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