Can I learn front end development without prior knowledge of programming

I want to be a front end developer.I know HTML and CSS.Now I want to start learning JavaScript.But one of my friend suggested me to learn c before JavaScript as JavaScript is a very complex language.What should I do?

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If your learning frontend, JavaScript is a must, I would start with that. Honestly I feel like JavaScript and Python are the easiest ones to learn, especially starting out. It’s easy to grasp once you start to fully understand it, which takes awhile on it’s own. Given my personal journey with it, it took a month and a half to get comfortable with JavaScript.

Then from there, frameworks are really big in front end development, such as Angular, React, etc. And all of those use JavaScript.

Hi @somen18, I honestly don’t think you need any prior knowledge in programming to start learning the front end. That might not be the case for back end.
Also I don’t consider C as a requirement at all.

You can learn JS in a totally unrelated way to it (and I also think JS is among the easiest programming languages to start with). I suggest you to read the book “you don’t know JS… Yet” (which is the latest version of “You don’t know JS”.
What you would benefit from, though, is some knowledge of data structures and algorithms (but it’s not a prerequisite, just a bonus).
Especially related to structures like arrays, lists, dictionaries, stacks and queues and binary trees (not much for their complexity but more to know what are some of the tools you could use).

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Please do not ask the same question in multiple subforums. I will combine your two topics.

I want to be a front end developer.I know HTML and CSS.Now I want to start learning JavaScript.But one of my friend suggested me to learn c before JavaScript as JavaScript is a very complex language.What should I do?

It’s not necessary to learn C before JavaScript, and C is substantially more complex than JavaScript. Learn JavaScript first.

You could try doing CS50 the online course from Harvard on edx.

It starts off in C and then transitions to JavaScript and Python.

While you don’t have to learn anything before JavaScript it helps to get that beginning mental modal in your head of how a language works and that was C for me. The basics anyways.

JavaScript is a very weird first language and while easy to pick up it has a lot of weird quirks to it that a beginner would go ??? at a lot.

C has its quirks but it would make you a better developer in the long run. By this I don’t mean you need to be proficient at it or anything but just learning the basics in C helped me a lot.

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Don’t focus on stuff you don’t need.
Time is valuable.
You will never know all existing knowledge.
Don’t focus on C or anything else that is not the most important next step.


If your goal is to be a web developer, then you probably don’t want to start with learning C. C is great and it’s the grand-daddy of many languages, but you don’t need to learn it before learning the languages you plan to use. That’s a bit like saying that you want to move to Italy, but you should study Latin before learning Italian.

I wouldn’t say that C is “substantially more complex” than Javascript. Personally, I think it’s a fairly minimalist language. But I will echo everyone’s comments - learn the languages you plan on using.

C’s minimalism is what makes many things complex. Like it not having an actual string type, meaning you have a dizzying array of functions to choose from, the most convenient of which are riddled with buffer overflows. To say nothing of the eldritch horror that awaits you in the form of the dread Linker.

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Just to add to some great replies above from a guy who just was introduced to Javascript in my master’s studies in early 2019 and now I have a job as a web dev, you do NOT need to learn C to be a front-end developer at all. I believe your friend recommends learning C because in most typical schools(at least the ones I have been at), they start with C, to learn the most programming features and syntaxes like loops, functions, classes and so on… But from my relatively new experince, I can tell you that it will not be very difficult to learn all these with Javascript and this is an excellent platform to learn it. But after a while, definitely recommend you to experiment with small apps like counter or something very basic to wrap your head around the concepts learnt. Enjoy the journey :slight_smile:

Strings are much better if you use string.h. You still need to remember that a string is a null terminated array of characters, but at least you get basic string manipulation functions in string.h to make things easier to read. And the strn*() functions help with the buffer and safety problems.

But anyone that understands linking and Make is a wizard that sold their soul to Cthulhu.

just foc in Java script