Can I make YouTube video of me working on freecodecamp courses in Japanese?

Hi freeCodeCamp team,

Would it be okay to upload videos of me working on freecodecamp courses to YouTube and put ads on them?

I’m a Japanese, and videos that I’ll make will help JP natives who want to learn coding.

I saw the link below that’s saying it’s okay to livestream, but I’m still not sure about what I asked above.

Thank you for your hard work by the way. I have been studying using freecodecamp for a month, and the experience is great.


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That sounds like a great idea!

Thanks! So, is it okay to put ads on that videos?

I believe so. Just don’t pretend that you are the official freeCodeCamp channel.

Okay, I will explain that to prevent people thinking me as an official. Thanks!

Good luck! Happy coding!