Are videos on freeCodeCamp's youtube channel copyright free?

I want to host a movie night on my youtube channel where i pick a freecodecamp tutorial and host it live on my youtube channel and schedule it and invite a ton of people to watch it and talk about it in the comments together. Can I do this? If not it would be a pretty cool feature.

They’re not public domain – FCC still owns the videos – but like any video uploaded to YouTube, you’re free to embed it in your own blog or page or whatever so long as the video hasn’t blocked embedding (and none of the FCC videos do to my knowledge).

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You should be fine embedding the video on the Free Code Camp channel in a site, or planning events where you and your viewers watch the video on the FCC channel together, but I doubt that putting a copy of the tutorial on your own channel would be appreciated.

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Thank you @chuckadams and @ArielLeslie I didn’t even think about embedding it that’s a great idea thank you! Underneath it i can add a disques or something similar.

@JonDevOps It is ok to repost the videos from the freeCodeCamp channel, as long as you get permission from the person who created the tutorial.

But the other ideas about embedding the freeCodeCamp videos would be preferred.


That is a great idea, it would also give me the honor to meet the educator who we are learning from. I very much appreciate this reply. And if i did repost i would delete it as soon as we stopped watching it. Just a temporary movie night idea you know.