Can I submit my projects in Python on Github instead of replit?

Hey guys!
I apologize if it seems a bit repetitive, but I’m new to the forum and I don’t know if I can submit my Python programming language projects on Github instead of the default site (replit). If that’s possible, how could I do that? Through Github pages?

You can certainly store your code on GitHub, but GitHub doesn’t natively have a way for you to run Python in an interactive fashion.

So, that means I can’t submit my own projects through Github/Github pages? It’s just that I don’t feel comfortable using replit, I’d rather write my code on Atom (which can easily be linked to Github) and run them on the terminal.

Unfortunately, GitHub Pages is only for static websites. It does not have Python to be able to test the projects. If we allowed links to GitHub repos, then we would have to change our testing methodologies to be able to pull down the GitHub repo and test it. That is something that is possible but since has mostly worked out well for us, the development of the other method of testing has not been deemed cost effective.

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