How to upload it on github?

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My code works completely fine however I have no clue how to use github. I upload it by dragging a file to a repository. So i run the test by opening my file on the repository… I’m so lost on github…

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Challenge: Time Calculator

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You don’t need GitHub to complete this.

You do not an account with If you haven’t made an account for that website, do that.

Then, in the project page there a part at the top that says:

You will be working on this project with our Replit starter code.

Click that link for the starter code. It will open replit. On replit there will be a popup with a button that says, “Import from Github”. Click that, and then you will have the starter project cloned into your replit account.

After you have done that, copy your code into replit, and run the tests. If all the tests pass, then submit the replit url for the completion of the project.

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