How to upload exercises through github?

I’m doing this bootcamp

In the first exercise he asked to add a console.log(“Hello World”); in myApp.js.
I did that and I pushed my repository, I put the link, but the test doesn’t pass. why?

I wouldn’t want to use replit, is it necessary?

The instructions say

make sure a working demo of your project is hosted somewhere public. Then submit the URL to it in the Solution Link field.

You need a live link to your project.
Do you have one?

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Probably not, I just pushed the update to github.
What is the most recommended way to leave a project hosted?

The project import in replit is not working, would be a good option?

I guess replit is the easiest solution.

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You can use anything you wish. I have used replit without any issues.

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Well, now the import of the replit worked, I’ll solve on replit, thank you very much!

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