How to solve freecodecamp challenges without repl

I have started api and microservices from freecodecamp recently, But in the first challenge they tell your to either solve it using repl or clone the git repo. I cloned the git repo but it is not giving me permission to push an update to remote? anyone knows how to solve this issue? and even if i pushed the update how will I be able to tell freecodecamp that I completed? what link should I post ??

Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community~!

If you cloned the repository on GitHub, you can import it into and save your changes there. provides a link to the live version of your project, which is what you need to submit for the challenges on our curriculum.

If you prefer to work on another platform, you are welcome to do so (we used to use Glitch) but the boilerplate is configured for so you might need some extra tweaks.

Finally, if you prefer to develop locally that is also an option, but the tests will need a live link so you will want to host the project somewhere.