Replit alternatives?

Hi, I’m trying to submit solutions via replit as suggested but it cannot import/clone my repo from my public GitHub repo.
However, cloning repo is working fine with stackblitz but the seems like FCC not supporting stackblitz share link.

Is there any other site that I can use other than

Hi @vineryap !

On replit, you should be able to just use the starter template without needing to clone the freeCodeCamp GitHub repo.

For the challenges, you can also choose to run everything locally and submit the localhost link.

For projects, you can host it somewhere using heroku.

Hope that helps!

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Hello there,

This should be possible. If you want to open a new topic explaining the steps you are taking, and the errors you are getting, then perhaps we can resolve this.

What do you mean by “seems like fCC not supporting”? Provided the link you provide is publicly accessible, there should be no problem.

Some of the most common:

  • Glitch
  • Heroku
  • CodeSandbox

Otherwise, as @jwilkins.oboe mentioned, you can develop locally for the challenges (not projects).

Hope this helps

Hey, Tomek from StackBlitz here. Just wanted to say hi, and ask you to please let me know if there’s anything on our side we can improve to fix the issue!

I hope that’s ok, but if not please remove this message.

Hi @jwilkins.oboe ,

I know how to run it locally but I didn’t know I can use the local link for the solution :open_mouth:
Thanks a lot for the tips! :smiley:

Hi @Sky020 and Tomek (@sulco )

So I tried to submit this link from stackblitz to the challenge.

My first is:

The second try with all other tests commented out:

But both show that I’m not passing the challenge when I submitted the link.

By the way, sorry if my English is difficult to understand.
And thank you for the response :smiley:

I just tried submitting the link from my local machine but no luck.
CodeSandbox also no luck.

More update:
It’s resolved now.
So using the live link from replit and CodeSandbox is working but not stackblitz.
I think that’s because stackblitz runs the code in a containerized localhost.
Also, I think if all of the courses or problems from the boilerplate are not solved then the test will always be deemed failed.

Anyway, thanks for the attention.

Hello there,

For all hosts, you need to submit the link to the app - not the link to the code/editor.

In your first case, you should be submitting the link:

The tests act like a user. So, submit the same link you would give a non-technical friend to use your app.

Hope this clarifies


Yup, I figured that out.
Thanks anyway

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