Can I transfer my FCC account to another Github account?

Hi there,

I have started a new Github account with a username that is now consistent with my other social media accounts. However, since I will be abandoning my old Github account, I would like to be able to utilize my FCC account by using my new Github credentials. Is this a possibility by any means, and if so, how can I go about making this happen?

Thanks for your help.

Edit - SOLUTION: Log into your FCC account using old Github account credentials. Change the email address shown in your FCC settings to the email address used to log into your NEW Github account. Save. Log out of FCC. Log out of Github. Log into Github with new account. Log into FCC again with NEW Github account. Fin.

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On side note, you do not need to get new github account if the only thing bothering you is name. Github allows you to change your github login in settings here:

Section “change username”.