Can I use JS to create a running function that puts to display divs, that disappear on a timer

I’m sharpening my coding, while I can code in English I don’t know how to explain to the computer in JS how to do it. I want to do a math game, where the user answers the questions that pop up. I am at the stage where I have A question, that changes as the user answers it or is wrong twice and counting his score and answering streak.

I want to make it more challenging by adding moving elements (which I’ve added WIP), and I want them to appear on intervals, and disappear when they’re answered correctly or when their timer is done (probably timed as they leave the window).

How would I go about it if it’s a posibility?

Sure it’s possible. I bet if you google around you can find tutorials for creating “bouncing balls” in JavaScript. This is a pretty common exercise and can get you started on having elements move around based on timing.

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Thank you. Looking into it right now.