Can Someone Clue Me in, Please? Missing Logo in twitch

Good Morning!

I am finished with my Crafty Twitch project, except for some reason I can no longer show the logo. I have no clue what the issue is. It comes up in the console, so I know it’s being returned from the API. I have done so much fixing of this file, that I have no clue how I broke it.

It’s here on github.


Your website doesn’t have any img tags so there are no images loaded in the page. If you meant the player image, that’s another matter.

The img tag is in the js file. :slight_smile:

So you are talking about the player logo, not the website logo?

Would you mind to share an answer from your JSON call? Also, that’s probably not it, but you are missing a self-closing tag on the img tag, like <img src="some src" alt="some alt" **/**>

I didn’t know it would do that. Here’s the line:
<img src = "' + logo + 'id="logo">

I finally found the problem. I accidentally removed a double quote:

<img src="' + logo + ' "id="logo">

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