Can someone help me fix these three issues?

Hi I have two issues I was wondering someone could help me with it would be GREATLY appreciated.
1)Every time I replace the logo in the navigation bar my logo isn’t responsive and doesn’t fit correctly, I have written css code but I don’t believe I done it correctly as it’s not working so I removed it. How can I replace the current nav bar logo with my logo called o fit exactly like that logo in the nav bar currently?

2)How can I remove the slide show arrows? https:///a/Pvfzdqh


On your first issue, that img elements is given a class of logo but nowhere are you giving it any CSS. I think putting:

.logo {
    height: 100%;
    width: auto;

in your CSS will give you the effect you want. That will tell it to spread out to the full height of its container and increase/decrease its width proportionally.

On your second question, if you want only one slide, why are you using a carousel? To me the defining quality of a carousel is that you have different slides that you can move through, for which you want arrows.