can someone help me, I don't understand

Please don’t post a picture of your computer and zero question. Please don’t.

hi there, welcome to the forum.

Usually people post their code when they want specific help.
In this case the image is interesting but not useful for debugging.

So 2 things you can do now.

Put your code into an online html validator and see if there are errors reported.
Try to fix those errors. Then re-run this test to see if fixing the errors helped.
Here’s the validator link.

Or you can click on the “Ask for Help” button and open a topic then copy and paste your index.html code into the code block which is created for you.
(And get further help then)

  1. A radio button group refers to two or more radio buttons with the same name attribute value. Giving them the same name will create a group where only one of them can be selected and not both.
  1. By the looks of it you only have one input of type checkbox and the requirement is for at least two.

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