Can someone help me with react a bit - trying to integrate something

I’m trying to integrate this set of cards into react starter template, but I’m failing to do so.
Always some error shows.

you can see code here

Error in src/App.tsx (6:5)

Expression expected.

@stephenmutheu yo bro, can you help me?

Unfortunately, this is way above my skills bro, maybe @Cody_Biggs can help you.

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thanks anyway :+1:


I dont have much time to look into it, but the biggest I see is that you have import statements and other logic inside the return statement of your App component. The return statement should only have JSX or any other values that you want to return from a function.

idk where should i put this chunk

  1. Move all the import statements to the top of your file.
  2. Move the constants and component definitions outside of the App component.

With your code from right now really the only thing that would be in your export default function

App() {
  return (
      <CardStack />
      (other jsx here)

After that there are still a few other issues to look into. For example you try using <highlight > before its ever defined in your code

some other stuff as well but I got to run for right now

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