Any examples of simple landing pages built with ReactJS?

I’d like see how people coded them.

If you can clarify what you are trying to do, i might be able to help you out. Have you done the basic react tutorials?

Thanks Jason! Just a simple landing page, no fancy functionality aside from a few buttons that open links.

I’ve discussed this with some other coders and they’ve said generally coding a landing page in React isn’t really sensible since a landing page is so simple. Vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would be appropriate according to them.

That said, if I wanted to do it for practice I think it would be best to write all the markup in JSX inside of one component.

What do you think?

I would have to say i agree with the others. There’s not much learning opportunity in just implementing a render function. Obviously some sort of hello world is handy the first time you try to set it up. But you’ll want to learn how to use props and state, and the various life cycle methods.

How comfortable are you with javascript in general? If you feel comfortable with it, I would just tackle one of the various tutorials online. Unfortunately, i think most of them make it seem harder than it seems it should be. But stick with it, and it will eventually click