(react)Bootstrap template or normal CSS

hey guys im a noob and i want to start a project, i have no problem making the website interactive or using apis but i suck at designing the website itself and making it mobile friendly.

So i was wondering if i should use a bootstrap or html template or just use normal css. (started using a template but its taking so long to make it react friendly)

Hey Josh,

great question!

When I don’t have a designer, I mostly use a component framework, e.g. MaterialUI, here is a list.

When there is a designer, I mostly use a CSS toolkit, e.g. TailwindCSS, here is a list.

I don’t want to waste time on CSS design work, that’s why I hardly never write a lot of own CSS.

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Generally the idea is if you are not a good designer use a template, or try to hire a designer for client work. Else if you enjoy designing create your own design on figma or adobe xd and then write code

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@miku86 @ManasMahanand1

thanks guys for the great answers , i think ill go study how to use a template then haha.

so Miku do u think material ui is better than react bootstrap?

I never used react bootstrap.

I chose MaterialUI 2 years ago and I’m happy with it, so no need to change as long as it gets maintained. I think choosing one and diving deep into it is a reasonable approach.

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I started to use material a few days ago, loving it