When planning front-end projects (react) how do you choose ui/css framework, which tools to use?

Hi so I’ve just finished the responsive web design projects and moving into front-end projects. I’m in my planning planning to code my random quote Machine.

I’m on my research to find a css/ui framework to use. But saw that there are a ton of ui/css frameworks out there to pair with react.

So in my planning, I am thinking the random quote machine is a small project so I really dont need big Ui frameworks (material-Ui, materialize, semantic-Ui-react) pre and post processors, and just decided to use bulma, a pure css framework, And just modify it by vanilla css.

So my question is

  • Am I doing my planning right? =))
  • When planning front-end projects (react) how do you choose ui/css framework, or which tools to use?

Not a direct answer, but I suggest try to keep independency attitude as much as possible.

I don’t know any css framework you specified, but as you stated that bulma is kind of light, so I think you got good move.

I suggest nothing. pure CSS could help you doing literally everything!

I’ve seen some devs, that would load a 50KB library to just use a function like $() instead of document.getElementById().

More library, framework, … you add, more you make your work fragile, dependent, heavy and hard to debug.

Keep going on great work, happy coding.

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Yeahh I think you’re right. Those css/ui frameworks are a component libraries in react and it will take time to setup some preprocessors to modify the whole library just for 2 buttons, a container and some texts. Maybe I’ll experiment in the future, But for now I like to keep it vanilla first so I can focus on fundamentals first.

As usual great advice @NULL_dev thank you very much. :slight_smile: