Random quote machine : use React or not?


I’m about to start working on the Random Quote Machine project, and I stumbled upon this :

You can use any mix of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, React, Redux, and jQuery to complete this project. You should use a frontend framework (like React for example) because this section is about learning frontend frameworks. Additional technologies not listed above are not recommended and using them is at your own risk. We are looking at supporting other frontend frameworks like Angular and Vue, but they are not currently supported. We will accept and try to fix all issue reports that use the suggested technology stack for this project. Happy coding!

That’s from the Test Suite Template. What do I do? Learn React and use it to for this project ? or just code as usual!


The normal random quote machine (in the current curriculum) doesn’t require React, but the beta version of the curriculum does suggest you use React…

So it’s up to you. If you wanna learn React and have this count towards the newer certificate, use React. If you just want to claim the older certificate, do it without React.