Can someone help with tribute page

I don’t know why my tribute-caption isn’t working can someone help? Also all feedback welcome…I know it’s pretty plain.

Add this to your CSS

#image-caption {
  color: white;
  text-align: center

I would also make your p elements white, and your h3 elements red


So, since you set the background of the body to black, the <p> or <h3> tags dont know if they have to be white or default.

If you did:

body {
   background: black;
   color: white;

Then all text would have been white, but since you are defining which ones, you need to add the color: white to the element you want to be shown.

Hi tsham

Just to provide some general feedback, as I see your main question has been answered, but the red text on black background is difficult to read.

I have seen black backgrounds work with white text, or alternatively, if you like the red text you could set your background to a lighter color so there is more contrast.

Keep up the good work.


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