Help! how do i make the little white background for my caption

im currently workingon the tribute page and was wondering how i make this section here

like this:

mine currently looks like this:

current code

Give the element that contains the text a CSS property of background-color: #fff;

okay ill try that thanks <3

That looks like the caption and photo are both in the same div with a white background.

so put them in the same div and make the background white?

Give it a go. See if it works. That’s where I would start.

nope nothing,plus i remmber they said i cant use css for this one. Thanks though

here’s the code i had before i tried the div btw:

oooh okay thank you very much i’ll give that a read right now

It worked wonders thank you so much sir. You have gifted the world and I pure elon beard glory