Tribute Page - caption problem

I started writing my Tribute Page ( - sorry if it’s not really a tribute page, but I had no other ideas :sweat: ) and came across one problem I’ve been trying to solve for the last few hours.
I don’t really get this image caption thing. I’m trying to make it look like this: - image and caption centered, both in one rectangle with white background. But I cannot figure out how to make image background white - white shows only as caption’s background. Also this white background is all screen wide, but when I try to make it more narrow, like the image’s width - caption moves to the left and stops being centered :confused:
I hope I explained it at least a little bit, sorry if it’s too chaotic.
Any tips, any help? I would really appreciate this!

Try this:

Have one big div.
Apply background color to this div, say white. Set also a width, or max-width, and center it on screen.
Inside this big div, insert 2 divs.
The first div is for your photo.
The second div is for your caption.

Change to the following in your CSS

#about-page {
  padding: 30px;
  width: 800px;
  margin: 20px auto;
  text-align: center;
  background-color: white;

Make sure your image is wrapped inside the #about-page div and correct the typo in your div
</div class="hedgehog-image">
<div class="hedgehog-image">

You need to rethink your CSS and avoid the use of fixed width styling in your page. Instead, use the Bootstrap classes… you’re already linking to the bootstrap css, might as well use it. Right now, your code isn’t responsive and will not work on small screens.

Wooo! Thanks michal9909, so it was the typo. It works now, big thanks! :smile: Or, almost. Cause I’m trying to make all background grey, and only image and caption background white. I corrected the typo now, background became white like I wanted it to, but moved to the left. But I’ll try some more. Thanks anyway!

Thanks owel, I’ll have this in mind :slight_smile: Need to refresh my memories about Bootstrap, I think :x