Can someone pliz help me

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const magic = function() {
  "use strict";
  return new Date();

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I have managed to have the other tests marked I just can’t seem to pass one test which is:
function keyword was not used. so can someone pliz help me pass this test?

The point of this one is, start getting familiar with arrow functions.

Can you rewrite the function so that it is an arrow function? Yes, set t to a const but get rid of the keyword function entirely.

okay i get it but how can I write the arrow that I need on my laptop for the arrow function??

The “arrow” people are talking about is no more an arrow than a colon and a closed parentheses is a smiley face. it is simply an equals and a greater than: =>

@ChadKreutzer thank you so much, I thought it was arrow that you had to type. I have passed::relieved:

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