Can someone write me an algorithm


I hope it’s ok to ask for something:

I have a somewhat strange request.
Could someone make me an algorithm that would display all the words
that are possible to write with these letters:

H a p p y B i r t h d a y

I’m not even joking.

so you’re looking for an anagram generator? Those exist online if you are only interested in results.

of course, things gets trickier if you are looking for just words using letters in Happy Birthday, rather than using all the letters in Happy Birthday

Of course scrabble word finders will give you sub-words, but won’t give you combinations of words.

If you’re looking for every possible combination of words using just subsets of “happybirthday”, then I imagine you’re looking at hundreds of thousands, if not millions of possible combinations.

I’m sure he must mean all the letters, otherwise yeah, you’ve got 34% of the alphabet right there.

I’m kinda looking for all the ones that make sense,
that are real meaningful words in English, but that’s
not so easy to pull off, is it?

Not exactly, but you do need an existing doctionary api so you can match the word against. Otherwise you will have to manually enter all the words.

Let me know if you find that dictionary api I am interested in one of those. :smiley: