Can we get Python lessons like JS?

In addition to HTML/CSS and Javascript it would be nice to have lessons on Python programming. Is this being worked on?

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FCC does have a python section

They are currently building out the python curriculum into a full blown data science curriculum.

But the python section assumes you have done the other 6 certifications before it.

If you haven’t learned a programming language yet, then you might find these sections moving a little fast for you.

But you can try and see if that is the case.

FCC also has this beginner python course you can take

Hope that helps!

Yes I saw that but that’s now what I’m asking. There is a javascript section with coding lessons and that’s what I would like to see with Python. I hope this makes sense.

The new version 7, will replace all of the coding challenges with mini projects.

That means, there won’t be a python section like the current javascript part that has coding challenges.

Eventually, the javascript section, will replace the coding challenges with mini projects.

The goal with this new approach is to help bridge the gap between the lessons and the certification projects.

Hope that makes sense.

If you are curious at what the new approach is going to look like, here is a video on the new data science curriculum. You would be using Jupyter Notebooks

Think of the current Python sections as an “early release version”. Efforts to make an integrated Python curriculum have been happening behind the scenes for a few years. The next version will be released with the next major currriculum update.

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