When start Python tutorial?

I am curious when FreeCodeCamp start to teach Python and provide some kind of certification?

Hi @alfazick, I am part of the team that’s been working on this.

With Python, we have other challenges. Unlike JS, we cannot execute it in-browser. So we would be using some third-party service to execute the code in their servers and return the results to users.

Most of FreeCodeCamp was not designed to handle anything other than JavaScript evaluation. The evaluation strategy, storing your solution - are highly dependent on those code being written in JS.

Our core-team is currently refactoring the codebase to enable us to build the Python challenges on top of that. In the meantime, we are finalizing and creating the challenges in a way so that they can be just plugged-in directly once the refactoring is done.

So, we can start offering Python in-browser challenges via the FCC site, as soon as the underlying execution framework can handle non-JS languages. Until then, you are welcome to take a look at existing Python resources on our wiki or forum.

Happy coding!


thank you for you fast answer. ok i will wait. there are a lot of sources to learn, but i am reaaly curious how exactly FreeCodeCamp will teach)):slight_smile: I think FreeCodeCamp provides really great opportunity to learn!


you can do python katas on codewars(https://www.codewars.com/). though it ain’t as cool as FCC.

absolutely right @alfazick

Hi, the Udacity course using python for introduction to computer programming is good and fun at the same time:
The final projects include a scrapper, a social network and a search engine.

Thanks for that detailed answer. We all appreciate the hard and important work that you all do for all of us who are learning to code

Regarding the FCC Python course, can you give us an estimated time frame when you feel this may be ready for us to use?

Thanks very much

I love Python but just for you know it’s a very complicated language which can lead to a lot of errors if you don’t use it correctly. If you want you can try using a program to deal with those errors. I tend to use checkmarx which gives some nice results. So just learn how to use it wisely.
Good luck!

this is so awesome egeg

Would you mind to add other languages like C ,C++,Bash,etc,etc

Try this one…Python for beginners