Can we get testing for the Advanced JS Projects?

So my first language is Ruby and with it I learned to use rspec to test my code. It was fine not having tests for the smaller projects but, I feel like I am flying blind with out a testing framework. Specially with the Simon project since I have multiple functions and if one fails I will have to go through each one individually and test them to find my bug. Does anyone know of a way I can test my code without resorting to console.log and writing small snippets of tests in my main code?


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Dude! Woah thanks! This is going to make building the simon game a matter of time rather then an exercise in head to keyboard application.

Awesome … begenning to become a P1xt post stalker … im building up a large bookmark selection of amazing material from posts P1xt has posted in lol

There’s also that no one is mentioning. It is capable of being tested on different browsers, run with selenium and saucelabs

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