Tribute Page : Gene Roddenberry -- Please Give Feedback!

Greetings Earthlings!

Just finished my Tribute Page, and I’d like some feedback.

I didn’t use Bootstrap or jQuery, so it’s not fancy but it would be great to get suggestions on how to improve the overall design.

P.S. Please Ignore the typos and grammatical errors, I ripped the text unchanged from the sources in the citation links.

Tribute Page : Gene Roddenberry

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You did a nice job. But do you know it get an error in Firefox?

Great job, and also nice content structure.:thumbsup:

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Could you post a screenshot? That would be a huge help.

Here is the error I received from Firefox:

Hope this helps.

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@greypaws That popup error is created by the Unit Testing script provided by FreeCodeCamp. If you use Chrome, you’ll see a fixed menu in the top left corner that kinda looks like a sticky note. From there you can choose the “Project” type from a drop down menu which then applies tests, aka “user stories” to your project to ensure it meets FCC’s requirements.

Unfortunately the Unit Tests are a necessary part of FCC projects, so please use the Chrome Browser to review the Tribute Page project and then share your thoughts here.

Wow thank you, I didn’t know anything about the Unit Testing script.

Where can I find out more information about FCC’s Unit testing?

You can learn more about unit testing generally by reading this discussion on FCC’s forum:

I think unit testing as a topic with exercises is still being worked on as part of the FCC curriculum. I’m new to the subject as well, but there are some exercises you can try that are currently in beta.


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