FCC Test Suite: Tribute page does not work

Good morning comrades, please I need your help. FCC Test Suite is not working for my tribute page project. When I select list k from the “selection test set” it is not shown. Nor does it give any punctuation. Please, I need help to continue with my project. It doesn’t even show the score on the sample page that Codepen’s Freecodecamp shows me (https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/full/zNqgVx). Thank you

please share your own pen
can’t help without seeing it

ok, i’ll show it Because I had placed the link but apparently I did not save it and my progress did not appear.

Ok, I could save it, here it is: https://codepen.io/emmanuel1510019/pen/pojEWKm. Just today I started to carry out the project so they won’t see much progress. What intrigues me is that a few days ago I clicked on the link provided by freecodecamp to be able to view a model of the homage page and to select the “select test” option in the upper left, it showed: “10 out of 10”. But now not even the model page shows the test results and neither on my page. So I can’t see my progress or what sections it fails. Thank you very much for the help of those who can support.

there is an hamburger menu in the top left corner of the page, click there, select the project from the drop down menu. Then use the Run Tests button

click on the number of passing tests to see which ones you are passing

also, below each failing test there is the reason for which the test is not passing. sometimes it is not much comprehensible, but most often then not it says what you need to fix

okay thank you very much. I already saw the problem, I was not using the Chrome browser. I was using Chromium and apparently the “test” option does not work with that browser.