Help to turn on FCC test on my Tribute project

My first tribute project is at :
Would someone be kind and check to see if it should be ok ?
Also, please tell me how to activate FCC test suit so that the
can automatic checking the error on my project ?

Thanks a lot.

Sorry to reply this late …
BTW, it was my fault … try to blast through the project a bit fast and did not see the instruction for forking the project …
Already got it working … Thanks you very much to all offered the help … appreciate your time … Cheers … :smirk:

Your first link returns a 404 not found error. The second link is just to codepen, not your project. Not sure what your question is you don’t have to

Just put your finished project url into the solution here.
If you are getting an error, what is the error message?

Hello Kathy
the simplest way is to fork this project from FCC :
click on the Fork button and you will see : A Project By [Kathy101 ] under the title.
Then adjust the content (add and remove element or change content).
To test click ctrl+shift+o .