How to fork a tribute page

I have no idea how to fork my code pen. I just keep creating more copies of the test pen and more copies of my own pen ( How do I get them to play nice?

I’m working on Chrome Canary Version 69.0.3469.2 (Official Build) canary (64-bit) on an iMac using macOS Sierra 10.13.5.

Here’s the code in my JS (Babel) window:

// coded by @mjkinsey
const Stolperstein = ‘tribute-page’;
localStorage.setItem(‘example_project’, ‘Tribute Page’);

Also, I searched and found that someone had posted this question before. The camper’s problem was solved, but it didn’t say exactly how. There’s also supposedly a guide to forking on a Mac, but it’s locked for some reason. There are no YouTube videos specifically on this issue. (Why??)

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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Hi @MelissaJayne thanks for searching for an answer first.


I’m taking another stab at this to make it more clear: What you’re trying to do is to have FCC verify that you pass all your tests, right?

In order to do this, you can either “fork” the FCC template, which includes pre-written code to verify your tests. OR you can include a script via the CodePen settings that will do the same thing.

Both will create the FCC test checker. At that point, you simply select which project you want to run tests for and it will tell you if you pass or not.

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Thanks for the detailed answer, @nicknish. I’m not sure which pen I should be forking—I just want to run the tests. I tried copying my code into the FCC pen and clicking Fork, but nothing happened. I also tried pasting the script () into my pen, but again, nothing happened. I did get an ellipsis, as if it were trying/starting to process the code, but then nothing happened. I’ll try pasting into the FCC codepen again…

Here’s a link of a GIF showing how I added the FCC test script.

  1. Copy the script from the challenge page
  2. Open up your pen’s settings
  3. Go to “JavaScript” in the settings links
  4. Paste the FCC script that we copied from earlier.
  5. Save the pen

If you did this right, then you’ll see either a menu button OR the FCC testing window in the top-left. Run the tests, and if they’re 10/10 then you’re good!



OK, I did that and clicked Run and got a green button that says 10/10. I’m guessing that’s good? But how do I enter my grade, so to speak?

p.s. By “did that,” I mean that I cut and pasted the code into the FCC forker (is that a word?).

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That’s it! You’ve met all the requirements for this project so you can move on to the next challenge/project. Don’t forget to copy+paste your pen’s link on the challenge page.

Good job.

Also - Your project is very well designed. Nice typography and use of whitespace.

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Thank you—and what a great little screencast! You should post it on YouTube for other frustrated campers.

What link do I paste into the challenge page? Just a link to the tribute page? Or is there a special “passed” link I need to find?

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Cool! I’m happy I can help. You should copy and paste your CodePen tribute page link on the challenge page.



Never mind…got it! The project link worked.

It’s swell to get immediate help from the community this way! Thanks again, @nicknish.

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Woohoo! :clap: Feel free to reach out if you have more questions.

Hello, i have copy my link to My tribute page and paste it on the solution space but it is not going to the next challenge. i have 10/10 in the test. i do not know what is happening. can somebody help me, please?