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how do i “fork” the info from the first big exam to codepen? I have tapped all over codepen and nothing. i even poked around the exam!


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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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hey welcome to community
can you explain which exam are you talking about

@bvernwashington When looking at the FCC sample project click the Change View button and select ‘editor view’. In the bottom left you’ll see the fork button.

It’s the first one after you finish HTML and CSS. You have to get a code pen acct set up, but after that I don’t see where you “fork” the project to code pen?
The “Build a tribute” page…

  • Vernesia

Ok - I’ll try that later. It’s 5am now

  • V

I finally got in. 3 YouTube videos later.

When I run the tests, everything passes. All the changes seem to have already been done. Is that right? Am I supposed to be changing it to something else? There is no other information, not any help. I posted this to the forum last night.

I think I figured it out - I’m starting from scratch to make the project with passing conditions.

Am I correct?

Yes, you start from scratch and use the user stories to create your the page. You do not need to copy the sample FCC page.