Front End Libraries Projects - Build a Random Quote Machine-Test problem

Can anyone please help figure out why I cant click the test suite button on this project. I tried deleting the script tag in html and added the test in the javascript pen settings area. it worked but after running the test I couldn’t click on test to see that page that pops up after clicking on test.

I moved it out of your HTML section and put it in the external script sources under the JS module settings and you can run it. You are currently passing 10 out of 12 tests.

Thanks for the help. Let me try again

I added it again to the JavaScript pen settings. it shows 11 out 12 tests passed but when I click on test to see what test failed the page just pops up quickly and vanishes so I cant see what test it is.

Through not fault of your own, your CSS and/or JavaScript is affecting how the FCC test results are display. It is a major bug in the test script that allows a user’s own CSS to override the test results CSS.

You might want to use the report a bug feature on the test menu. This way, someone can fix the problem on the test script.

Okay thank you very much :+1: