Can you advice some Bootstrap / vuejs templates?

I am a php/laravel developer and I have some expierence with Bootstrap and vuejs.
I want more of practice with bootstrap 4.3/ vuejs 2.5 templates.

  1. Can you advice some? Free preferable, but also can be free with restricted components number and more components in PRO Version?
  2. Which are criteria when selecting a template? What have I to pay attention at ?
  3. Which rules have I to follow in my laravel applying template to it ?


I found this
with documentation at
template, which seems quite good at my look.
How do you think is it good template?

The only thing I would like to clarify with which version of bootstrap/vuejs this template is compatible?

Now my laravel 5.7 application has / vue": “^2.6.10” ) / “bootstrap”: “^4.3.1” , as there is some difference say bootstrap 4.0 and 4.3 …