Can you guide me?

I am an Indian student, pursuing B.E.(currently in 2nd year) and want to participate in GSoC 2020 if possible. I am interested in a lot of the domain (that is my biggest weakness I guess), some of them are Web Development, Cybersecurity, Machine learning, Embedded systems, Python Development, and the list goes on and on. Due to this, I am now hanging in between (Jack of all, king of none). As I mentioned I wanted to participate in GSoC 2020, So that I can support my family financially (Yes, I am from lower-middle-class family), Is there any chance that I can get selected in GSoC and successfully complete it given that I start focusing to learning one technology? Please guide me so that I can at least increase chances of making that happen. I can invest 40-50 hours/week to learning.

Notes about my knowledge:

  • Web Development - Learning basics to react.
  • Cybersecurity - Learning to make my own tools using python.
  • Machine Learning - Currently enrolled in “Udacity - Bertelsmann Tech Scholarship” and “Udacity - Intel® Edge AI Scholarship Foundation Course”