Can you learn on FreeCodeCamp with your mobile phone?

This question may seem weird because the viewport adapts to mobile screens but I don’t have access to a pc to code (as my hobby) anymore and wish to continue my FreeCodeCamp curriculum but it sucks. There is always a problem when typing with the virtual keyboard of the phone. You see two cursors, you can move one. When you try to type, at a certain point, it stops or you can’t erase something. I still wonder what was the need of that optimization for mobile if it doesn’t work correctly. Anyway solutions are welcomed. Thanks.

Usually I try not to discourage people from anything they want to do, but given that when writing code …

  • single characters count
  • line breaks (kinda) matter and are typically too wide for mobile
  • you type a lot

… I come to the conclusion that it’s not worth enduring the pain of working on a mobile touch device. Maybe you could get a cheap Chromebook or raspberry PI instead … or someone has an old computer for you …

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you can try with this, but even then it may not work 100%

yes but it is very hard