Freecodecamp Mobile experience

Hellow Campers,

Anyone who tried learning with mobile phone?. My backspaces doesnt work if i want to correct my typos mistake. I cant delete anything rather i comment the entire code and start writing the code afresh.
Anybody experienced similar problem?

to use the curriculum on mobile you need a few things, like a coding keyboard.

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Hello. I followed the steps but it still doesn’t work correctly.

in what way it doesn’t work?

I downloaded the keyboard and tried. Also with many other keyboards but there are still these problems.

  • when I type, there are 2 cursors and I can use only one.
  • When I try to erase my typos, it can’t do that
  • When I start typing, at a certain point it stops writing what I type.

I am just stuck and don’t know what to do. Thanks for reply anyway.

the Monaco editor is not optimized for a touch device. The coding keyboard was the most I could offer.

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