Cancelling my membership in here, and the unknown transaction at 4,95 usd

Hi Freecodecamp admin.

How can cancel my recently created membership (due to get full access to the support and your contact option), yet most importantly and weirdly to cancel my unknown transaction at 4,95 USD, that been pull money out of my bank account since late may, which I remember fully haven’t been a part of for being agree with. Non-profit, but doesn’t really seem so either, I don’t get it at all? Hmmm?

I only sincerely hope that this admin. can get rid of the unknown transaction at 4,95 USD to start with:-)

Thanks in advance

Yours sincerely Emil Atik,
Danish student

Everything here is completely free, you don’t need to pay to get any extra features… anyway

If your donation was via PayPal, you can cancel the payments through them. If the donations are direct to the credit card via Stripe, unfortunately the Stripe API only allows the account admin (@QuincyLarson ) to cancel “subscriptions”. You can email to request that your donations be cancelled. I suggest putting something clear as the subject line as Quincy gets thousands of emails a day at that account and may try to be more efficient by sorting/filtering them by concern.


I wonder if you have joined a for-profit group that uses the FCC curriculum. I know that there are several individuals and groups that use our curriculum but sell “help” with it. Some of them, like this are very expensive. They have no official association with FCC.

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