How do I stop the reoccurring monthly donation I thought was going to be a one time thing

Hi, Have you guys fixed this issue yet? I just sent an Email to support …I thought it was going to be a one time donation, not a donation every month. also when you guys tried to charge my card it declined the payment, and your system keeps trying to take money out of my bank account every hour or so …so please help me, Im out of work ATM and can’t afford any type of donation, for any reason at all … I can’t really afford to give you guys my money that’s meant for me to buy food with …not to mention I haven’t used your platform for over a month now. any help would be really appreciated.


If your donation was via PayPal, you can cancel the payments through them. If the donations are direct to the credit card via Stripe, unfortunately the Stripe API only allows the account admin (@QuincyLarson ) to cancel “subscriptions”. You can email to request that your donations be cancelled. I suggest putting something clear as the subject line as Quincy gets thousands of emails a day at that account and may try to be more efficient by sorting/filtering them by concern.

it was done with my Bank card/ debit card…you really don’t think that’s a little bit on the shady side ?..thousands of emails a day …and yet he’s really going to see my and respond to my email?..okay…thanks …