Can't cancel monthly recurring donations

I, like many people, was unaware that my single donation would be a monthly recurring charge and I can’t afford to donate monthly at the moment.

I donated through stripe so I can’t cancel myself.

I have sent multiple emails to quincy directly requesting he cancel my payments and have emailed support multiple times to no avail.

Only @QuincyLarson has admin access to Stripe (for obvious reasons). Email and request to have your donation stopped. If you don’t trust them to cancel it before the next payment, you can contact your credit card or bank and ask them to stop the payments. It is a limitation with Stripe that only allows recurring payments to be manually removed by the administrator, and one that I have seen a lot of complaints about when researcing the issue.

If you ever want to make a one-time donation, PayPal is much easier to deal with and you can cancel your payments in just a few clicks. I have made one-time donations via paypal in less than 3 minutes.

Well, I already contacted @QuincyLarson and