CandyWheel - Spin the wheel, write diary, get candies

Hi everybody :raised_hands:

While I am looking for a job, started CandyWheel project to not get bored :slight_smile:

Made with VueJS, used GSAP and Lottie for animations, all data saved on local storage.

Totally useless, but probably fun for some audience :crazy_face:


this is so fun to mess around with and its really well made. Good luck with your job hunt, youre a very talented developer !

Wow! Thank you, I am glad to hear that :slight_smile: I have to notice, that I come from product design sphere and learned to code, just because of a strong attitude to create.

If you liked CandyWheel project, it may be interesting for you to read this article -> Making of my Pet Project

Just spent 15 mins in your game) well made. But when i tried to scroll the video time remaining caption had lags: it started showing 15 sec remaining and current remaining sec at the same time. Dont know how it can be fixed but maybe u know. Sry for my eng hope you understand what i mean.

Hi fomenkogregory thank you for reporting. It’s a real bug that I missed while testing. It’s not critical, but I will find a way to fix it

I like it. Good work.
The thing is, when an activity completes, the wheel doesn’t spin any more. I uploaded a photo, and then no more spinning.

Thank you very much for feedback, can you please answer few question, so I will understand better what causes this problem

  1. Is that first photo you uploaded?
  2. Is your photo bigger than 10 meg?
  3. Are you browsing from a desktop computer? If yes, what browser you are using and what’s your screen resolution. If you are browsing from a mobile device, what device it is?

Or just upload a screenshot, it’s the best :slight_smile:

Actually, the screen should look this way, it should ask you: “Doest it looks good?” “Yes” “No”, if yes wheel and spin button appear

  1. Yes, the first photo.
  2. No - 25.9kB
  3. Linux Desktop; Firefox; 1920x1080.

It spins again after winning candies, but stops spinning after any activity that causes the wheel to flex and disappear.
Facebook, Google Analytics and Youtube are blocked by uMatrix in my browser, so I F5 when watch and share come up on the wheel.


Here’s the console output:

That bottom NS_ERROR_FAILURE keeps incrementing.

Ouch, seems like the problem is more serious than I thought… Thank you for reporting!

I will try to solve it. Anyways, I need to add some GDPR related notifications, terms of use, privacy policy, and other things. I will do that a bit later :slight_smile:

I turned off uMatrix and uBlock origin, but the wheel still stopped spinning after activities.
GDPR information would be great.
After re-enabling uMatrix, here’s what it allowed (green) and blocked.

I was uploading new version (v0.0.4) about 10 minutes ago, maybe that’s why wheel didn’t work

Can you please try again via this URL:

Used following external services:

Facebook SDK
For sharing ( seems like I will replace it with something else, cause according to analytics events no one uses it )

For random videos

Google Analytics
For general info like, average spins amount (3.2), total earned candies (70K), sharing events, session time, geo etc. All diary data is stored on users local storage, so no-one access it except user from his device.

Google fonts
For Poppins font :slight_smile: