Just finished my Pomodoro

Hey guys, I just finished my pomodoro watch. I want your feedback and suggestions. Please check out my work:

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It took me only a second to figure it out, but once I did…wow thats awesome!!! User-ability wise, Id suggest making the add / subtract time buttons a bit more obvious or prominent, because at first I thought it was just a lil design thing around the words and was clicking away on the boxes…then clicking away at anything to see if I could find something to make it work.

Also, its not responsive… well, kind of in that it all does scale down for mobile, but in a way that it kinda just all squishes together. A super easy fix that would actually look great on mobile would be to have the session, timer and break blocks in columns that scale down to stack on top of each other for mobile view.

Hope that helps, but yeah, very awesome and unique…havnt seen a pomodoro like this before!

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@cndragn Thank you so much for you invaluable feedback. You are absolutely right in figuring out those faults. I am going to work on them.

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Very cool!!! This effect looks great.


So glad I could help! Please come back and update here when you’ve made the changes? Id love to see how it all turns out :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to fix it. hope you will like it. please check it out.

Ohhh that looks so much better on mobile now yeah? :smiley: Maybe a little tweaking for the mobile view to center the controls, but I do also like how you changed up the control buttons, they still compliment the whole digital box design you have here. Really nice!