Feedback for Pomodoro watch

Any feedback for pomodoro watch-project would be nice:

Good job! I like the deigns :slight_smile: Few suggestions.

  • Feel like they are too small overall and it’s hard to click on buttons. Make them bigger.
  • Align break length and session length controls vertically together.

Cheers :tada:

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Thanks for the feedback, I gonna play around with that. The buttons are definitely too small!!

I love the dual language feature. I have not seen others do that.

This is my opinion…

  1. It looks a bit small. The buttons are very small. Can you increase the size for desktops?
  2. You could increase the contrast in the colors a bit.
  3. Switching the language causes the size of the div to increase. I believe it should stay the same size.
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Thanks for your feedback! I nailed that jerking labels, aligned them, increased buttonsize and made it more “blue”.