Finished Pomodoro Timer. I would appreciate feedback


Just finished it – 95% actually – and I’d like some feedback!

Don’t bother looking at the code. it’s a mess. One of my tasks in the next days will be clean it up, make it better and faster, maybe use Sass on css, So, tell me what you think in general, like colors, effects, sizes, anything you want to share, even about english mistakes, because I know I need to improve it too!

I really did it thinking in using it later. I just don’t like to create anything that will be forgotten easily, that’s why I’m going to back to the old project asap to make them better and really cool or useful. I used Pomodoro app for desktop almost 10 years ago and I really like this method, since I think multi-task is a myth (our main attention is one per time).

Thanks in advance!


Looks great so far, I’m not sure if it’s something you haven’t completed, but I can’t figure out how to change the breaks/work session timers to select my own times (i have a short attention span and usually do smaller sessions).

I do love the guidelines when you start. Makes it great for those who aren’t very familiar with the concepts.


Thank you for replying, George!

Sure, you have to scroll over it. Or swipe touch in mobile!

So, it’s not so intuitive. I’ll figure out a way to make that clearer.

Hey, good job. I like the estimated timer ending, it’s a nice touch. It is responsive but if the maximum breaks are selected, at low resolutions the “tomatoes section” seem a bit “crowded”.

Aside from that it seems to work just fine. Good work again.

Thank you!
Yes. I’m thinking in doing something smaller in Timeline for mobile


I’d never heard of this technique. Looks good, going to try it out.

I think the small explanation at the beginning could be expanded on. This first line is a good description (now that I know what it is). The 2nd line is confusing (for me anyways). My suggestion is to have the 2nd line explain the first.

I think the layout is great. Easy to navigate. The changing layout of the pomodoros is a great feature.

I’d use this site, 100%


Very good point.
I wrote about the “longer breaks” as if the reader already know how the original Pomodoro technique works. My mistake.
I will put there a good summary of what is the Pomodoro technique! It’s better for sure.


Looks really good, I like your style, one thing I would like to mention at least for me it’s not very clear how can I change length of break and sessions, so it would be better to make it as obvious as possible. otherwise really great work!

Did it more obviously now.