Pomodoro Timer Feedback

Hey guys, hate to make yet another feedback post but I do truly believe it is an important part of becoming a better Developer. If you have any projects that you are working on/have finished and would like feedback on please feel free to make a post or just PM me and I am happy to take a little time to look over it. With that being said, here is the link to my Pomodoro Timer!

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No need to apologize for requesting feedback. That’s a part of what the forum is for :slight_smile:

This is a fantastic project. I love the clicky ball thing you have going for the timer. Overall the design is nice and having the keyboard commands makes it much better. I think the font is a little too light, though, and I had trouble reading the screen at first. I would suggest experimenting with more weightier fonts for the smaller text. Also, the sound effect, while a nice touch, is a bit too… much. It’s kinda cool, but very sudden. If my clients are representative, people really like lighter, softer sounds. So, in short: heavier fonts, lighter sounds.

I seriously love the hell out of this design though. Just stellar.

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I like it a lot, thats a very pretty implementation. The sound came as a surprise and I don’t think I realized that I had my speakers turned up so loud! My only critique would be that I really like the orange color you use at the top of your gradient but by the bottom of the page I find the text/clock blends in a bit more than I’d like.

Thanks for the tips guys, Definitely agree about the sound I was using before. Toned that back a bit and changed to a slightly weightier font and overall I’m pretty happy with the final result!

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Hey y’all - I finally finished my Pomodoro App. There a few things I’d like to add in (pause and resume - both got really weird with the canvas element, still need to figure that out, and the rotation of the canvas as a percentage of the total time not just seconds), but for the time being it meets all of the requirements for the challenge.

I’d really appreciate some feedback if you have a few minutes! http://codepen.io/ahelmig/full/VjvBxw/

Thanks :slight_smile:

Every one of these pomodoro apps makes me realize that I didn’t put nearly enough time into the design. I like your yellow circle countdown thing. Almost everything else seemed really clear and easy to use, so when you get the pause/resume functionality in, it’ll be a really great app!

Thanks for the feedback!!

Hey Campers!Please check my Pomodoro Clock and give your feedbacks! Yes…animation part is not perfect…it’s not smooth.And it is not perfectly synchronise with timer (digital) for minutes like 5 or more.
here it is
Project Link - https://codepen.io/FaizAhmadF/full/EyybWX/

Nice work! Good job adding the canvas animation, I think it looks pretty decent. Maybe consider adding a reset button though. Not sure why it’s not synchronized with real time though…maybe someone else on here can figure it out!

Thanks for the feedback!

Just ran it in Google Chrome. The timer stops if I’m on a different tab and only continues when you’re in the tab where the app is.

Thanks for the feedback! I will look into it.