Pomodero Timer Feedback

Hello! First attempt at the Pomodoro Timer project, fairly happy with it overall but I’d love some feedback. I built it with Jquery and Bootstrap, with a simple dark background and Helvetica fonts. Overall it runs pretty well, and I haven’t had any noticeable bugs since my last update! Definitely was a fun project to work on, though a little frustrating at times. Still, feel like I learned a lot from it!

I’d love to tackle the design one more time, maybe, to make it more mobile friendly. Downside to how I went about it with Bootstrap is it doesn’t scale down well, on account of not planning around the small and extra-small templates.

its a great start…you already know about your responsive issues so Ill leave you to that to work on it lol but will note, that your layout also is squished even on a full sized screen…your add / subtract time buttons are kinda but not really staked onto each other.

You’re probably still working on that though, but all the stuff I found you you already mentioned…so seems like you’re on the right track :slight_smile:

Hey guys, please take a look at my P. Clock. I’m satisfied with how it turned out and think it needs one or two things. Please provide some feedback, I’d really appreciate it.

I built it in pure JS, building thse projects without JQuery has been HUGE in understanding JS for me:slight_smile:

I love the visual design of your timer, it’s really smooth and easy to look at. The sound effects are bright and cheery, which feels like it meshes well with the rest of your design. Functionally, it works pretty great, and your code seems really neat and tidy! The one thing I’d like to see, and this is just a personal thing and I can see why others wouldn’t add it, is some way to differentiate whether the timer is in break or work time. Also, either a pause button or a way to block clicking the start button again, as it currently just resets the minutes of the active timer.

Either way, great work! I love what you did with the project.

Hello everyone, I would love if I could get some feedback on my Pomodoro clock. Specifically, on the JS/jQuery part as I am always looking for ways to write cleaner and more adaptable code. Any criticism/advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!