Seeking feedback: Pomodoro Clock

Need to time something? A work task? A classroom activity? Your own productivity? Meet my Pomodoro App for the front-end-dev certificate of Free Code Camp:

  • Responsive design!
  • Pure CSS Tomatoes! (just hover)
  • A soothing dark theme!
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nice design! It was realy challenging project!

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In terms of layout, I think I’d rather see the actual timer part of it be more prominent than the start/pause button (either above the button, or larger, or…something). It just feels like it overshadows the actual timer a bit.

Another small thing–when the timer hits zero, the mode changes, and it briefly shows “0:01” instead of whatever you set the work/break sessions to.

Overall though, great job! I’m a big fan of the tomato. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback Beth. I saw your design and I think your design, especially on a mobile screen, was more accomplished. I might make some tweaks to the design based on what you said. I had the feeling too, but I didn’t change it.

Glad you like the tomato! :slight_smile: