Cannot Add a Submit Button to a Form

I cannot seem to get behind this concept. It doesn’t matter how I write my code it won’t pass. I’ve tried putting <button type=“submit>this button submits the form” below my form element I’ve tried rewriting it like this I’ve tried every possible solution I can think of… somebody please help me!!!

<button type="submit>this button submits the form" ``` **Your browser information:**

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Looks like you forgot the ending </button> tag. You also forgot to add the closing quotes on the button type <button type="Submit">This is a submit button</button>

Ok but now I did this button submits the form it still doesn’t work.

Do you have the button text as Submit? That is required to pass the tests.

The button in the context of a form. The ‘submit’ button for a form.

When the ‘submit’ button is actually clicked in the HTML document in the browser by the users mouse cursor, it sends the collected ‘form’ data from the text ‘input’ fields - the’ email’ and ‘password’ - to a web server. On the web server is a predefined (programmed by the coder beforehand) database that has a predefined table with rows. The rows each have a field for a data type (i,e,. integer, varchar, Boolean, etc.,) which holds a value. The values in my example are ‘email’ and ‘password’. Both text entries. When your form asks for a ‘email’ and a ‘password’; the table has a place to store and hold these values for recall later. There are several ways to build out the ‘button’ element. Below the ‘button’ element is outside the ‘form’ element but is connected by the ‘form’ attribute in the button element. For the button element => [ form =“myForm” ]. For the form element => [ id=“myForm” ] The “myForm” value links in the form element to the button element.

<form  action="login.php" method="POST"  id="myForm"   >
        <input  type="email"  placeholder="Enter your email"  name="email" >
        <input  type="password"   placeholder="and password"  name="password" >
        <input type="submit">

<button  type="submit"   form="myForm"   value="Submit">Submit</button>

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