Cannot anchor button

Hi, i cant seem to make my twitter button work with the anchor tag ive placed.

Any help would be awesome! thanks
Link is below to my codepen

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You need to nest the button inside an anchor tag, not the other way around.


Then use CSS to remove default styling of the anchor tag.

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thanks, what question might that be?

I strongly recommend you change your font. Comic Sans is generally frowned upon (i.e. ridiculed) unless used in an ironic way, mostly due to it’s overuse and abuse in the early 90s. It quickly became the butt of jokes (look it up if you don’t believe me). Just a suggestion - no one takes that font seriously, I promise you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey thanks Soupedenult for the suggestion!!
But Im showing that im using Cursive on my end. not sure if youre seeing comic sans.
I didnt like ComicSans myself and thats why i opted for Cursive yet i still might change it for something better. Any recommendations would be welcomed, and thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah I think cursive just defaults to comic sans. I can see in your code that it’s called cursive, however I instantly recognized it as being the other one. My eye is well trained to it as I used it myself in the 90s. There are countless better ones. I only mentioned it in case you didn’t know it’s reputation. I’d hate for a future employer to dismiss your portfolio due to your choice of font. There are countless other ones to go for. Example, Open Sans, Helvetica, plain ol’ Arial, Roboto, etc… Ideally just browse your favourite websites and use your dev tools to explore what they use.

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I really appreciate you taking the time to give me your feedback. thanks Soupedenuit!!